Private Charter Information for the American Beauty II in Sag Harbor

Details for reserving a private charter are provided here. If you cannot find the information you need on this page, please email Captain Don directly at:

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Charter Information:
American Beauty II is U.S. Coast Guard approved to hold up to 33 passengers. We do private charters for weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, Grucci Brothers fireworks, school and group reunions, picnics, camp trips, photo sessions, fundraisers and more. Bring your food, beverages and music to create a memory for your special occasion!

Private charters are available 7 days a week and take precendece over the Sunset Cruises and the 90 minute Nature Cruises. However you must make a reservation to hold the time and date.

2019 Private Charter Fees

$525 per hour paying by cash or check 90 minute minimum*
50% deposit to reserve
50% due at event
$552 per hour paying by VISA or Mastercard
July fireworks charter is a 3.5 hour minimum (July 6, 2019)
2 hour minumum for Saturday charters in July and August

Weather Policy:
The private charter is reserved once the contract is signed and the deposit is received.The captain determines if a charter is canceled due to inclement weather. Guests have the option to reschedule or be refunded their deposit.

Start and Stop Times:
The charter begins and ends at the times agreed to and specified in the charter contract.

In the case of a departure time being delayed by the person chartering the boat, the boat will still return as scheduled in the charter contract. If extra time is needed because of the delayed departure, it may be possible to extend the cruise at regular rates. This will be at Captain Don's discretion as it must consider scheule, crew availability, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the advantages of taking a private charter over the 90 nimute Nature Cruise or the 2 hour Sunset Cruise?

A: There are a number of advantages to the private charter, including, but not limited to:
    The trip is booked and reserved in advance (note this is a requirement for private charters). Private charters take precedence over Sunset Cruises and the 90 Minute Nature Cruise. Sunset Cruises and 90 Minute Nature Cruises cannot be reserved.
    You cannot make reservations for the Sunset Cruise or the 90 Minute Nature Cruise. These are first come, first serve and if there is a private charter scheduled for the usual Sunset or Nature cruise times, the Sunset or Nature cruise will be canceled.
    The trip is private. Other than the crew, only you and your guests will be aboard.
    Play your own music through the boat's sound system
    Plan the route you want to take with Captain Don

2. Do you have pictures of the boat?
A: Yes, in addition to the pictures on the website, please look at our 2 videos for a better view of the boat. Click on the Videos link below.

3. How many people can the boat carry?
A: Per our 2017 Coast Guard inspection, we can carry 33 passengers plus crew.

4. Can I bring my dog?
A: Yes, dogs are ok to bring on charters. (Please note that this may not be the case for non-charters).

5. Is it ok to bring champagne glasses on board?
A: Glass is ok, but please be careful.